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Winston Churchill

pátek 12. září 2008

Public Profiler Worldnames and Martinec

I got a tip from my friend with Martinec surname living in Finland. You can search for the surname in public resources.

publicprofiler worldnames is a new service developed out of our previous research which mapped the geographic origin of names in Great Britain (www.nationaltrustnames.org.uk). This academic project was very successful, attracting millions of hits and a huge amount of press interest. This is only the start of what we think provides a unique insight into world migration flows.

The publicprofiler worldnames website utilises a range of new and up to date data sources to examine where in the world people with your surname are found. Additionally, we provide lots of interesting facts and figures about those people sharing your family name.

Statistics for Martinec surname in public sources (top 5):
  1. SLOVENIA 110.2 per million
  2. AUSTRIA 9.92 per million
  3. SWEDEN 3.79 per million
  4. UNITED STATES 1.76 per million
  5. SWITZERLAND 1.28 per million
Data are from 26 countries in Europe, America, Asia and Oceania. All the names and location data are derived from publicly available telephone directories or national electoral registers, sourced for the period 2000-2005.

Link: http://www.publicprofiler.org/worldnames/

Notice: I miss there Czech republic, Slovakia and Croatia. They should be ahead Slovenia.

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