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"První polovinu života stráví člověk tím, aby se zbavil falešných představ o svých předcích, druhou tím, aby je vštípil svým dětem."
Winston Churchill

sobota 24. listopadu 2007


Something about me
My name is Jan Martinec and I live in Brno. Brno is the second largest city in Czech Republic. I was born in Zlin in 1979.

The Beginning
I decided to create my family tree in Spring 2007. The first step was genetic testing of my DNA for Y-chromozome. I found out my haplotype - I1b1 and that my ancestry from the paternal line (Martinec) came from an area where is Croatia situated nowdays. My men ancestors were of south-slavic origin. It was a great start of my research.

The next step was to data mine my family. I was suprised how little family memory I am able to use. So I aked my parents to visit a birth record in Luhačovice. Now I have a pretty good idea about my Martinec ancestors. The oldest Martinec I know this time is Pavel Martinec born in 1660 in Pozlovice near Luhačovice. He was son of Jiří (Jura) Martinec.

Next step
Now I'm preparing myself to visit a regional archive in Brno to continue. It will be a tough genealogical research for my family roots.

Write me
If you are interested in genealogy or you are looking for Martinec in Czech Republic, write me an e-mail: segovesus@gmail.com.

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